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“The Happiest Baby on the Block”

​DVD and Book​ by Dr. Harvey KarpEven the most loving moms and dads sometimes feel pushed to the breaking point by their infant’s persistent cries. Coming to the rescue, however, Dr. Karp places in the hands of parents, grandparents, and all childcare givers the tools they need to be able to make 95% of babies calm, happy and well rested!   

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“Dr. Karp’s book is fascinating. It presents the top science about babies in a style that is sensible and a pleasure to read. It will guide new parents for many years to come.” Julius Richmond, MD, Professor of Health Policy, Harvard Medical School, founding director of Head Start, Surgeon General of the United States 1977-1981

“Harvey writes about areas that most parenting books don’t address. What every mother needs are simple tools that really work…and Harvey’s do.”, Michelle Pfeiffer, actress/producer

>>”The Happiest Baby on the Block” book & DVD

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“The Happiest Toddler on the Block”

DVD and Book by Dr. Harvey Karp​Anyone living with toddlers knows how quickly they can change. One minute all is bliss – then BAM! – they erupt into a mega-tantrum on aisle 6 at K-mart! No wonder exhausted and time-crunched parents feel trapped in a revolving door of “No!” and “Don’t!”

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“You want help? The Happiest Toddler is one of the smartest parenting books of the past decade. Over and over, parents will find themselves proclaiming, Thanks, Dr. Karp. Now I get it!” Kyle Pruett, MD, Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine, Past president, Zero-to-Three

“Dr. Karp’s excellent approach makes raising toddlers a whole lot easier.” Steven Shelov, MD, Professor and Chairman of Pediatrics, Brooklyn Children’s Hospital, Editor-in-chief, American Academy of Pediatrics’ Caring for Your Baby and Young Child

>>”The Happiest Toddler on the Block” book & DVD

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep
by Dr. Harvey Karp​Dr. Harvey Karp is famous for his brilliant insights into centuries-old parenting problems and for discovering breakthrough solutions that are simple . . . practical . . . and fast working. In The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep, he works his magic once again on the #1 complaint of new parents. The bone-deep fatigue that parents experience when their children sleep poorly is not just a nuisance—it is very serious. Sleep deprivation can provoke depression, illness, marital conflict, and even obesity.A flood of sleep misinformation and contradictory messages have left parents more confused than ever: “Hold your baby—but don’t spoil her!” “Swaddle your baby—but don’t let him get dependent on it!” Based on Dr. Karp’s thirty years as a pediatrician and child developmentalist, The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep reveals groundbreaking new ideas to prevent or cure most sleep problems in children under five years old, including:- How to adjust a baby’s schedule to reduce day sleep and boost night sleep within the very first weeks of life.- How to use sleep cues like swaddling and a special type of womb sound to help any infant sleep an extra one to two hours at night within just days.- How to defuse bedtime struggles and help your toddler fall asleep faster using a novel sleep training approach called twinkle interruptus.- Plus, The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep reveals many more foolproof tips used by Dr. Karp with thousands of families to quickly turn nighttime shrieks into nightlong slumber.​

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