The Happiest Toddler

“The Happiest Toddler on the Block” by Dr. Harvey Karp
DVD & Book

Never again will you be helpless while your toddler screams and screams. Now you can learn how to shorten or eliminate most tantrums.

In The Happiest Toddler on the Block, celebrated pediatrician and child development expert, Dr. Harvey Karp reveals a treasure sought by parents for centuries – the secret to calming tantrums in minutes…or less. And, what’s more, he teaches simple steps to help you boost your toddler’s patience and ability to cooperate.

Dr. Karp has amazed the medical world with an innovative view of toddlers (aged 8 months to 5 years) that is transforming our understanding of this challenging age, forever.

The toddler years are some of the toughest, but in The Happiest Toddler Dr. Karp explains that the key to parenting young kids is to recognize that they are not “little adults. In fact they are – well – sort of uncivilized! That’s why he teaches parents that one of the keys to happy living with toddlers is to think of them as being a bit primitive… “not so much little children as little… cavemen!”

Of course young kids aren’t really cavemen, but boy they sure can act that way! No wonder one of the toddler in the Flintstones was named “Bamm-Bamm!”

Toddlers, like cavemen, are often stubborn, opinionated beings who don’t say please and thank you, hate to wait in line, rub their runny noses on their sleeve (or yours), pee anywhere they want, grunt, spit and even bite when upset. It’s a comical image, but this revolutionary concept is no joke. It is absolutely central to understanding your child’s needs and your job as a parent.

Scientific studies show that a toddler’s brain is actually unbalanced. Even on a good day the immature left half of your child’s brain (the part controlling conversation, patience and logic) is constantly overpowered by the right brain (the center of impulse, emotion AND understanding non-verbal communication, like facial expressions, sign language and your tone of voice). And, when your little one gets upset (angry, frustrated, etc.) that tipsy balance often totally collapses…turning him into a screaming, scratching, little primitive.

Dr. Karp says, “We all get a bit primitive when upset. That’s why we describe angry adults as ‘going ape!’ But, fussy toddlers start out primitive so when they get upset they start acting almost prehistoric!”

Seeing young kids in this new light, explains why they have such dramatic outbursts… and why the unusual techniques in The Happiest Toddler work so well.

“Parents will be delighted by this clever approach to communicating with toddlers. It allows us to see the world from our children’s unique point of view.“ Janet Serwint, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Director of the Harriet Lane Children’s Clinic, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

In The Happiest Toddler, you’ll learn:

The #1 rule of good communication – the Fast Food Rule.
Four simple steps for translating anything you want to say into your child’s primitive language – Toddler-ese.
Foolproof ways to encourage good behavior (time-in, praise, rewards, gossiping, playing the boob, etc.).
How to defuse more than 50% of your toddler’s meltdowns in seconds!
Smart solutions to the prickliest problems of the toddler years (like separation anxiety, biting, picky eating, sibling rivalry, fears).
A simple way to teach even a one-year old to be patient…in a single day!

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